Rider Weight Information

Rider Weight Information

What is your weight limit for riders?

Most of our ponies can only carry a maximum riding weight of 64kg (10 stone) or less. We also have a smaller number of horses who can carry up to 76kg (12 stone) riding weight.

We ask all applicants for their scale weight – this must be fully clothed and wearing suitable shoes for riding in. We also check all existing riders regularly wearing full riding gear including a hat.

Why do you have a weight limit?

The weight our ponies can carry is a complex issue and can change over time, for example, due to the horses getting older. Each of our ponies is assessed for how much rider weight they can carry, taking into account the weight of their tack, their age, conformation and their workload.

If a rider is unbalanced or has low core stability, RDA guidance states that we must add 10% or in some cases 15% to a rider’s scale weight to calculate their riding weight.

What if I am over the weight limit?

If we are unable to pair new or existing riders with a suitable horse they will not be able to ride, although unridden activities may be offered.