Epsom RDA

Ponies Remembered


Born 2007

Alicia was a piebald Irish Cob who  joined the Epsom RDA equine team in 2015. She adored being groomed and being out in the fields with her pals. Alicia worked particularly well with her independent riders. Alicia has now moved on to a local riding school where she can do more variety of work. We are pleased that she has been reunited with her old friend Sultan, also an ex-Epsom RDA pony. They are often spotted together in the field by our volunteers.


Born 2006

Archie joined Epsom RDA on a permanent loan (a bit like a professional footballer!) as his owner was not able to ride anymore. Archie did well in the short time he was with us, qualifying to go to the RDA Regional and National Championships, but it become clear he would do better being owned by one person who could bring out his full abilities and give him the confidence.


Born 1993

Badger joined Epsom RDA in 2006 with money raised by the CID team from Surrey Police Force and was with us until 2014 when he sadly was put to sleep following breathing problems. Badger was a gentle horse with kind eyes.  Although he used to be afraid of silly things like paper(!) he looked after his riders extremely well and was also very kind to his handlers. His much missed by all.


Born 2004

Banjo joined Epsom RDA in January 2010. He was blind in one eye, but that didn’t stop him doing a great job for his riders, taking part in the internal dressage competitions and the Regional Countryside Challenge. Banjo became a little unhappy with his RDA job so in 2015 we found him a lovely new home with one of our volunteers, where he has the chance to do more variety of horsey things.


Born 2007

Bridget was bought for Epsom RDA by a donation from Exxon Mobile in Leatherhead and a grant from the Community Foundation for Surrey, Surrey Sports Fund and the Dora Fedoruk Memorial Fund. Sadly Bridget was put to sleep in December 2013 following a colic attack. Bridget was a sweet and gentle pony with a calm and relaxed character who helped her riders to gain confidence in their riding. She also made good progress with our schooling team, displaying some talent for dressage work. She is sorely missed by all.


Born 1996

Sadly Buffy was put to sleep in January 2019 having been part of the Epsom RDA pony team for 15 years. Buffy was bought thanks to a generous donation from Brother Dave Marriott PGP and the Croydon and District Province of the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes (ROAB). Buffy was a kind and patient pony who like being pampered and fussed over. She specialised in helping our smaller and younger riders learn to ride. Her gentle nature made her a great favourite with our volunteers. Buffy is missed by all at Epsom RDA.


Born 1995

Charlie was one of the smallest ponies in the Epsom RDA herd, but with a large character who enjoyed testing out the volunteers with his tricks! He had great success with his independent riders taking them to Regional and National RDA Championships and being a National Dressage Champion. After over 6 years as a RDA pony Charlie is now enjoying being owned by one of our volunteers and taking part in a variety of horsey activities.


Born 2003

Delta came to Epsom RDA thanks to money raised by British Airways Engineering Unit in Hayes. She was a sweet natured pony with a lovely stride perfect for our riders. However, Delta found it difficult to adapt to being looked after by lots of different people so sadly she had to leave us. But we were lucky to find Delta a home with a family where she has lots of fuss and attention and has become best friends with her young rider.


Born 2000

Hercules, or his stable name, Guinness,  packs a lot of personality in a small, stocky body! He came to ERDA in early 2019 on loan from one of our volunteers and is a very handsome 13.2hh black cob gelding.


Born 2008

Jam was an Irish cob with a sweet nature. She did a great job for us taking part in our in-house dressage competition in the first year with us. Jam had a sensitive nature which meant she would be happier with just one person to look after her. We are pleased she has found a home with a lady who is looking forward to introducing Jam to activities like sponsored rides.


Born 1994

Mini Milton was a Connemara pony with a beautiful silky coat who arrived at Epsom RDA in 2008. Over 12 years he worked both with riders learning to ride independently, and also with those who require support from volunteers walking alongside. He was a perfect gentleman to ride, always listening to his rider. He successfully took riders to compete in the RDA South East Regional Dressage Competitions held at Hickstead, and the RDA National Championships at Hartpury Equine College. Sadly his health declined and he was put to sleep in 2019. He is fondly remembered by riders and volunteers alike.


Moss came to Epsom RDA in 2007 and over 15 years of service gave thousands of hours of riding therapy to hundreds of people. He excelled at dressage and took many riders to regional and national competitions. Moss was nearly 30 years old and a very special RDA horse. He will be missed by everyone. Read more about Moss.


Born 1991

Picasso joined Epsom RDA at the beginning of 2010. Before that he worked at a riding school for many years. Picasso retired from teaching people to ride in September 2013 when he went into semi-retirement with a lovely family in Kent who were looking for a pony to care for and take out on regular hacks. Sadly Picasso was put to sleep in 2019 after enjoying 6 years of loving care in his well deserved retirement.


Sinatra was a gentle pony with two blue eyes. He was the perfect pony for our inexperienced riders being content to walk as the riders gained confidence. He was a lovely pony to groom but did insist on being one of the first ponies to come in from the field. Sinatra was on loan to us and returned to his owner for his retirement.


Born 2006

Sultan aka The Blonde Bombshell was our first Comtois pony joining the Epsom RDA herd in 2012. Being a strong pony with a steady rhythm in walk and trot he was a excellent RDA horse and who could be ridden by many different riders. He had a successful career with us  taking some of his riders to compete at the RDA Regional and National Championships. After 7 years with us Sultan has now moved onto a new home where he will be able to do a more varied range of work. His new home is not too far from Epsom RDA so his many fans will be able to call in and say hello.


Born 1998

Teddy came to us after working in a riding school for many years. He was a great character who had mastered the trick of removing his own headcollar. After so many years helping people to learn to ride he has now gone into a well deserved semi-retirement in a home where he can enjoy his favourite activity of hacking out. He is owned by one of our own volunteers in a livery yard close to us so we get to see him from time to time and also hear how he is getting on.


Born 1993

Thor was one of our longest serving ponies who helped to introduce many riders to the joy of riding while part of the Epsom RDA equine team. He was much loved by our volunteers for his gentle nature although he lived up to his name which means ‘God of Thunder’ if his lunch wasn’t fed quickly enough for his liking. He was a pony who liked a routine and preferred to stay at home in his field. Sadly Thor was put to sleep in 2019 and is missed by all at Epsom RDA.