Epsom RDA

Our Impact

Epsom Riding for the Disabled exists to provide disabled people with the opportunity to ride to benefit their health and well-being, and to develop each person to ride to the level of their ability, choice and ambition. Each year our team of 200 volunteers provide 3000 rides for 300 disabled adults and children. 

Research shows that horse riding with RDA delivers physical benefits, boosts confidence, improves communication skills and helps to build relationships. We know our activities support our clients’ education and learning, and that having the opportunity to compete improves confidence in daily life. Each year we build on our knowledge and use the insight from our research to help us do more of what we do, and to do it even better.

Rider Impact


experience physical improvement


experience more enjoyment


show greater confidence


improve communication


improve ability to build relationships

Volunteer Impact


feel they belong to the RDA community


feel more cheerful


feel better about themselves


feel more useful


are physically active when they volunteer


have gained knowledge and skills

RDA volunteers were asked if and how volunteering with RDA makes an impact on their self-esteem and overall well-being. The results show that RDA volunteers feel generally better, happier, more confident and more useful as a result of their time with RDA.