Epsom RDA

Membership of Epsom RDA

What Membership Means

You do not have to be a Member to volunteer or ride at Epsom RDA. However, Membership means you can participate fully in the Association’s governance. For example, you must be a Member to vote in meetings, propose, oppose or speak on motions being considered, nominate trustees or other officers.

Who can become a Member?

Anyone within the categories described on the application form can join. In summary, this includes volunteers, riders, parents/carers of riders and representatives of organisations who ride with us. However, there are certain activities which the Trustees think does require membership e.g. Trustees are Members by definition, and we would like all Session Leaders to be Members. If a Trustee is also a Session Leader, we would like another deputy from the Session to become a Member. We may create additional non-voting membership groups in the future.

How much does it cost?

There is no membership fee or any other payment to become a Member

Does membership involve any commitment on my part?

Membership does not impose any responsibility or liability on you, other than to act responsibly in the charity’s best interests, as described on the application form. Members should plan to attend general meetings (e.g. the Annual General Meeting) where possible – we need at least 10% of Members to be present to form a quorum.

How to Join

Membership for 2021 closed on Friday 5 November. Membership will open again in 2022.

Epsom RDA’s Trustees encourage as many people as possible to become Members. This will help our community flourish, reaching  and representing the widest range of interests of those involved with the Group.

Membership for 2021 closed on Friday 5 November. Membership will open again in 2022.