Epsom RDA


Nant Cefn Coch Shona is a bit of a mouthful, so we just call her Shona. She is a 14 year old 13.2hh Highland pony and an unusual cream dun colour. We bought her in 2015.

Like Marigold, one of our other Highlands, despite her small size she is a feisty ball of fluff and definitely sees herself as boss mare in the fields! Highlands grow a double coat in winter, and hers is especially thick and soft. Shona is a bold, curious little soul and will sniff you all over, just to check you aren’t carrying a spare carrot in your pocket.

We don’t feed treats to ERDA ponies, but definitely not to Shona, who unfortunately has to be closely monitored – she only has to see a blade of sweet grass for it to expand her ample waistline. This can make riding around our Countryside Challenge field even more challenging… Don’t let her tubby, trundling body fool you though, she has an impressive turn of speed and, if you get her in the right mood, she can win any one of the RDA games for you – except slowest walk, Briony wins that every time!