Epsom RDA


Romeo is a 15 year old 15.3hh Comtois and is Epsom RDA’s biggest horse. We have had him since February 2015 and our gentle giant is a key member of our herd. He is very much in demand, not just because he is so handsome and well-mannered, but also as one of very few horses here that can carry our bigger riders.

He is very good with beginner riders, but can also step up to do a nice walk, trot, canter dressage test. He has a thundering canter, which he often shows off in the field! In 2019 one of our riders rode him into 3rd place in the Dressage Anywhere RDA Championships

Romeo can have very definite views about coming in in the morning, particularly if he is being asked to leave hay behind! But once in he is like an enormous teddy bear. In winter he grows a yak-like coat of dark chestnut hair which is a great defence against the mud, rain, wind and snow.