Epsom RDA


Moss, or Strathmore Moss – to give him his full name, has been at Epsom RDA since March 2007. He is a grey Highland Pony and standing at 14.2hh he is the largest of our Highlands. He was born in 1994 and comes from Royalty as the ‘Strathmore’ line which is his father’s side, is descended from one of the Queen’s Highland ponies.

Moss has turned his hoof to everything during his time with us – including many outings to the Regional Dressage Competition at Hickstead and the National Championships at Hartpury in Gloucestershire with our dressage team. He has been a National Dressage Champion, winning first place one year at the National Championships. These days he takes it a bit easier and doesn’t generally travel so far – but he still enjoys showing off in competitions at home and for our riders who know how to get the best from him, he can still produce a lovely dressage test (you just need to know where his brakes are as standing still isn’t his favourite thing to do!).

He loves being out in the field with Marigold as his field mate – he let us know very early on that he did not like being turned out with the other boys – he much prefers mares! One of his favourite things is to have a good roll in the muddiest part of the field – preferably just after a bath!