Epsom RDA


Monreith Marigold is a 13.2hh Highland pony and the longest serving member of the ERDA herd. We bought her in 2000, when she was just 5 years old.

Over her long career with us she has taught many, many people to ride and has taken some riders to Regional and National Championships, winning Nationals not once, but twice! She definitely knows when she is going to a show and loves all the pampering that this involves.She also loves bananas, including the skin!

Marigold has always been a determined, decisive character and this hasn’t really mellowed with age. She can be a bit tricky about having her back feet picked out. She demands to be shown respect and to be ridden correctly. That indomitable spirit has been tested with a number of serious illnesses and injuries in the past.  Thankfully she has made a full recovery and is enjoying her return to work, though we have been taking that slowly and steadily.