Epsom RDA


Cillbarra Darren, or Dazz, is a 15hh piebald cob who we bought in October 2013. He is 16 years old. Dazz is Romeo’s best friend and they spend hours together in the field. He is inquisitive and loves people who are quiet and gentle with him. He will stand and be groomed for as long as it takes – useful given that he is a bit of a mud-magnet! Underneath masses of wavy feathers he has 4 tidy pink feet.

On our lead-rein rides he is not always perhaps the most forward, this is unless trotting is involved, when he can become quite excited. Our independent riders like him because he is safe and you have to be clear about what you want him to do. However he has been known to decide that he has had enough and turn himself into the centre before the lesson is finished, but he is a sensitive soul and takes any telling off to heart.

We haven’t taken Dazz to many shows but he very much enjoys going out on hacks with Romeo and he has taken part in the online Dressage Anywhere.