Epsom RDA


Misty Briony, or Briony, is a 14hh Connemara cross who came to Epsom in November 2017 through one of our volunteers. She is 17 years old and a cremello, a cream chestnut, which is a very unusual colour.

Briony is a gentle, affectionate mare. One of her few dislikes is parsnips – most of our herd like them and we sometimes add them to feeds as a treat, but hers are always left untouched. She loves a good groom, but because of her colouring she is very sensitive to sunlight. In bright sunshine she wears a special visor to protect her eyes and in summer she has to wear a protective UV rug.

She genuinely loves her job and meeting the children and light adults who ride her. A curious mare, she is generally unfazed by any games equipment or rider behaviour and tries her best to please, albeit never at the fastest pace. She has a very accurate internal clock, knows exactly when she should be having her lunch and will let us know if she thinks we are running late by kicking her door