Epsom RDA

Leave a Gift in Your Will

Legacies are vital in enabling us to continue our work. Thank you for your interest in leaving us a gift.

Your gift could do great things

Whatever its size, you can rest assured that any gift you leave will be spent where it’s needed most – to provide disabled people with the opportunity to improve their health and well-being, and to develop each participant to the level of their ability, choice and ambition. 

“…... Epsom RDA is a very special place where everyone is valued for what they can do – volunteers and participants. I have chosen to leave a gift in my will to Epsom RDA so that a part of that welcoming inclusivity continues for future generations who I hope come to know, enjoy and love the horses and people at Epsom RDA as much as I do.”

How to leave us a gift in your will

We strongly recommend that you obtain independent professional advice when considering leaving us a gift in your will. You can find out more about leaving gifts to charity in your will at https://www.gov.uk/donating-to-charity/leaving-gifts-to-charity-in-your-will 

We are Epsom Riding for the Disabled, registered CIO number 1180061.

Leaving the gift that’s right for you

We understand your loved ones come first, but if you do choose to remember Epsom RDA in your will, thank you.