Epsom RDA

How we help

Our riders have a range of physical and learning disabilities and come to us from a variety of specialist schools and centres, hospitals and other charities.

Physical Disabilities

Some of our riders have primarily physical needs and we have specialist equipment and skills so they can successfully access riding. Riders need to be able to stand in order to be able to mount (get on) a horse.

Learning Disabilities

Many of our riders have a diagnosis of a learning disability, which brings a broad spectrum of challenges and enjoyment.  Most of our riders will have a combination of difficulties that may present as physical, cognitive, communicative or otherwise; our coaches are especially trained to ensure all our riders achieve within our setting, no matter how big or small the goal.

Groups and Individuals

Riders come to us from a variety of community settings to ride as a therapeutic and leisure activity.  Riders can come to Epsom RDA as part of a group such as with their school or with other members of a charity they attend, or riders can attend individually.

Weight Limits

Each pony has a designated weight limit carefully calculated based on their individual characteristics, which may be altered if there are any changes for the pony.  Our current maximum rider weight limit is 11 stone 7llbs (73 kg). This weight includes the riders’ clothing and riding equipment. However, adjustments to scale weight may need to be made depending on the rider’s difficulties and skills.

Riding Experience

We welcome all riders who are eligible to ride with us, whether they’ve never seen a pony, or have lots of experience with horses and riding; we have lots to offer riders of all abilities.