Epsom RDA


What is Hippotherapy?

‘Hippo’ is the Greek work for horse, so it is literally, horse therapy. In Hippotherapy different positions are used to stimulate the participant (person ‘riding’). This has traditionally been related to movement patterns however, there is increasing evidence that Hippotherapy can meet other therapeutic goals.

Our lay-man’s example is Pilates! Pilates is a specific form of exercise, however if you add a Reformer Pilates machine then you can intensify the exercise; it is the same with Hippotherapy. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Therapy are excellent therapies, however if you add in a horse then you can intensify the therapy.

Hippotherapy at Epsom RDA

Kate of Imprint Occupational Therapy will be delivering the Hippotherapy sessions. Kate qualified as a Hippotherapist in 2022 having started volunteering at Epsom RDA in 1994 as a timid 14-year-old! This has ultimately led to a degree and career in Occupational Therapy. She is now a Children’s Occupational Therapist, continues to volunteer at Epsom RDA running the Saturday Afternoon RDA session and is working towards the RDA Advanced Coach qualification.

The Hippotherapy course will be run once a week on a Monday around lunchtime. The course is offered as 1:1 session over a block of 6 weeks at £60 per session. Places are limited but if you would like to find out more about booking a place email hippotherapy@epsomrda.org.uk.