Epsom RDA

Team Volunteering

Join the team at Epsom RDA for a fun, challenging and rewarding day doing something worthwhile.

Your staff or team can volunteer with us for a day (or longer) to help with the maintenance of our buildings, grounds or gardens, or to contribute to special projects. A range of activities are available all year round to suit your needs.

SGN Epsom worked their way through multiple tasks over a two day visit, clearing boundaries and ditchesdigging  a channel and burying water pipe, and clearing manure and wood chippings.

These are just some of the things corporate teams have achieved on their volunteering days:

Built something

Painted something

Repaired something

There is no set charge for a team to take part in our volunteer days.

However, should you wish to consider a donation in the range of £10 per person we would be very grateful.

KP Snacks spent a day building new field shelters for our ponies. The shelters were purchased with the money raised by the Music In Nork Park Festival.

Get in touch

We can accept group sizes between 4 and 20 people, any day of the week.

Activities take place at our stables in Epsom.

Get in touch now to arrange your team or corporate volunteering day at Epsom RDA.

Email teamvolunteering@epsomrda.org.uk or complete the enquiry form.