Remembering Old Friends

2022 brought the sad news of the deaths of two of our long-serving colleagues and former session leaders: Hazel Ransome in March, and Mary Clarke in July. In April of this year, we were able to honour Hazel and Mary, along with their fellow trustee, Pauline Humphries, who died in April 2017, by dedicating the new trees in Northside field to their memory.

Together, Pauline, Hazel and Mary contributed over 100 years of service to Epsom RDA. It was truly special to see so many volunteers past and present, as well as family members, sharing memories of Pauline, Hazel and Mary.

Special thanks to Jason Anthoson and Lydia Fay for organising the event and to Beryl Randall for securing the trees from Hampton Court Garden Show. The trees are, from the new car park entrance going right: a Lime, Hornbeam and Caucasian Elm.