More than working with horses

Volunteering at Epsom RDA is about more than working with horses. We have a host of volunteers who use their skills to support us in all sorts of ways.

As an example one of our features that is enjoyed by our participants is the Sensory Track. Our participants ride across a field to reach the track which gives them a sense of riding in the countryside. Once on the track they can test themselves by riding through a series of different obstacles such as a gate, going up and own a small hill, or under an arch while enjoying the colours and scents from the planters around the track.

During the lockdown period this feature become neglected and in need of a spruce up. A team of volunteers have taken on the Sensory Track as a project giving it a DIY SOS style make over. They are repairing some of the features as well as designing and building new features to engage and entertain our participants.  The fantastic team at Wickes in Epsom are playing their part too by donating some of the building supplies as part of the Wickes Community Programme.

If you are interested in volunteering to help our community visit Volunteering or email to find out more.