Thanks to a generous donation from Annette’s Gemstone Jewellery we have been able to purchase a new sheepskin saddle.

Saturday PM participant, Theo, had the honour of being the first one to try out the new piece of equipment. His verdict “it was good”

The Session Coach explained in more detail! “The sheepskin saddle is brilliant for providing some of the support a saddle gives (option for stirrups, cantle and balance strap) but without the extra ‘bulk’. This means that children who are challenged with sitting astride a horse can often find the sheepskin saddle means they can achieve a better seat with more hip extension and less discomfort. As a Therapist, I also love that the rider can feel much more of the horses movement which increases the therapeutic benefit of sitting on the horse. It was great to be able to use the saddle with Theo; he was immediately able to get a better position with his legs, but also challenged him as he was able to feel all of Rags’ movements.