Volunteer Survey 2022

Now that the normal service has been resumed it has been a timely moment to relaunch our annual Volunteer Survey. This is where we take the opportunity to ask our volunteers to let us know what they think about volunteering at Epsom RDA. The contributions provide valuable feedback that gives an insight into what is working well and what we can do better to make sure our volunteers continue to have the best possible experience.

One of the key findings that came back loud and clear is that after the last two years of minimal activity our volunteers have a thirst for knowledge! They want to learn more about how they can support our participants; whether that is through more formal training opportunities or chances to take part in different sessions to learn from other volunteers and their participants. We will be working on ideas on how to meet this demand in the months ahead. In the meantime here are few quotes summing up what makes Epsom RDA such a great place to volunteer at:

have loved every second of my volunteering experience it has been amazing these past 5 years.

Just love getting a smile and the children after weeks of saying hold the rains and they do it and from not talking at all and just saying a few words it’s magic

It is rewarding to work each week with such a friendly group of people who support each other to ensure sessions run as smoothly as possible