On The Road Again

After a two year break a total of 7 participants (Adam, Amelie, Erin Gray, Jon, Laval and Rhiannon) along with 3 ponies (Romeo, Shannon and Taffy) plus a team of volunteers hit the road on 31 May and headed south to West Sussex to compete in the RDA South East Regional Dressage Championships. They were joined at the venue, Plumpton College, by Epsom RDA affiliated Para rider, Libby with the delightful Scooby Do.

It was a tremendously successful day with our participants and ponies taking the return to the competitive arena like ducks to water. All 7 of our participants posted scores that mean they qualified to go forward to compete in the RDA National Championships in July. Unfortunately, Libby and Scooby missed out on a place by a narrow margin of 0.75% despite riding an impressive test.

We are also delighted that our participant (Hannah) submission in the Arts and Crafts Photography Class won and will also be entered into the Arts and Crafts competition at the  RDA National Championships.

Full Results are available on the RDA South East Region website.

There is a tremendous team effort to prepare for these road trips:  from the practise the Coaches and participants put in the lead up to the day, to the sessions giving the ponies an extra wash and groom, the preparation of all the tack and kit that is needed for a road trip (think of packing for a 2 week road trip with 3 children and you’ll get the idea!), and then a crack of dawn start for the final pony spruce up before loading everything (keep checking that list!)  including the ponies onto the lorry for the journey. However, all the work is worthwhile to see the enjoyment and sense of achievement our participants experience by taking part in the competitions.